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Monthly Raffle!

~ Movie Event ~

Infcoming / Sep 18, 2018 / Weekly Tidbits

(teds dead BTW)🎃We have reached our Trick or Treat donation's goal of 400M GP. Thank you so much to all the people who were able to contribute and here's to all the fun we'll have at this year's Infinity Trick or Treat goodie bag event! 🎃https://...

Raffle Winners!

Every month our Staff donate GP
to buy [
6] tradeable oldschool
bonds for [
6] lucky members!

(Mystery items are donated by clan members and vary monthly)
Disclaimer: If your winning are not claimed
by next month's raffle, they will be re-raffled.

Bond #1: Batty47
Bond #2: Rayala
Bond #3: xWINDWAKERx
Bond #4: Radpker
Bond #5: Clorrax
Bond #6: Shixy

Gilded Skirt + 7k Astrals: Noot Loops
Verac's Set: StrongArmAlc
Karil's Set: OPTIMIST
Dharok's Set: Mufossa1853
Ahrim's Set: Inf Trinity
Guthan's Set: Watercow