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Monthly Raffle!

~ Movie Event ~

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Raffle Winners!

Every month our Staff donate GP
to buy [
6] tradeable oldschool
bonds for [
6] lucky members!

(Mystery items are donated by clan members and vary monthly)
Disclaimer: If your winning are not claimed
by next month's raffle, they will be re-raffled.

Bond #1: Bomer
Bond #2: Amd Air
Bond #3: CareTakerMiC
Bond #4: TzTokDad
Bond #5: Taco Soup

Trident of the Seas: Itzbandit rs
Abyssal Whip: Mango-dan
Smoke Battlestaff: Inf Aegis
Robinhood Hat: Revenant
Arcane Prayer Scroll Slay or Nahh