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BREAKFAST IS SERVED! ~ Weekly Tidbits V27

Jagged / Apr 12, 2018 / Weekly Tidbits

Hey there loves! It's that time of the week
again! Check out some of the Tid-bits
pulled from our clan's Discord,
which you can join too!

Congratulations to Bilfred on his 99 Agility & Max!


Inf John's Skeleton champion scroll!

OPTlMlST's Gilded platebody!

Life Of P1e's Jar of Dirt!

Delme's Draconic visage!

RlCKO's Skeletal visage!

calverthb's Dragon warhammer!

Reily's Elder maul!

Inf Vorkath's Elder maul!

Inf 5-HT1A's Imbued heart!


caramel spot's (flippurz) 99 Magic!

Blink's 99 Construction!

Veste's 99 Agility!

DynamicDuo's 99 Hitpoints!

Slowpoke's 99 Cooking!

Sk8rdude60's 99 Fishing!

WlLKINS' 99 Thieving!


xJohn Wick's Supreme Pet!

iron hobbs' Hellpuppy!

C Lov's Hellpuppy!

Inf OhChaLa's Skotos Pet!

Inf Drago's Vorki Pet!

Inf Chance's Beaver!

Life Of P1e's Smoke devil Pet!

Inf Justin's Olmlet!

Share Rng's Olmlet!

Geni's Olmlet!

Congrats to all of you! Keep
logging your achievements within our
#pics-n-vids Discord Channel and maybe you'll
see your achievements next time!



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