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22 Rare Items?! ~ Weekly Tidbits V55

Bongbubbles / Nov 20, 2018 / Weekly Tidbits

Hey there Everyone! It's that time of the week
again! Check out some of the Tid-bits
pulled from our clan's Discord; includes
pets, rarest drops, capes and other quirky
rare uniques! PM a staff member to gain
access to our Discord :)

Other Achievements:
Blink's Achievement Diary Cape!

Reaku's Spectral Sigil!

Mr Big Boost's Jar of dirt!

Sly Phaze's Kodai Insignia!

Goose's Jar of dirt + Ancient effigy!

Inf Gazz's Ancient Relic + skeletal Visage!

Miss Abito's 2 Kurask head's!

Bellerin's Black Tourmaline core + Ranger boots!

Hi Im Gin's Imbued Heart!

Jagg3d's Abyssal Head!

JimLayhey's Kodai insignia!

Cpt Croke's Spectral Sigil!

Biglce's Imbued Heart!

Itzbandit rs's Jar of Darkness!

Revenant's Champ Scroll + A lucky first kill @ Vorkath: Dragonbone Necklace!

NOTORIOUSBlG's Eternal Gem!

Kittygamer72's Sanguinesti Staff + Scythe of Vitur!!

I Go Uknown's 3rd Age Range top!

Hy drus's 99 Fishing!

Kittygamer72's 99 Magic!

Congrats to Goose for maxing their account out; last lvl: 99 mining

Login Lagout's 99 Herblore!

Inf Aegis's 99 Ranged!

Slowpoke's 99 Magic!

Lisher100's 99 Hunter!

Tiva's 99 Runecrafting!

Sublunary's Kraken Pet!

Inf Mozzy's 3rd RC Pet!

NOTORIOUSBlG's 2nd Skotos Pet!

Santandstone's WC Pet!

Kittygamer72's Kraken Pet!

I Go Uknown's Skotos Pet!

Congrats to all of you! Keep
logging your achievements within our
#Runescape-pics Discord Channel and maybe you'll
see your achievements next time!

Didn't see your pic? PM A GOLD!



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