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Jagged / Mar 10, 2019 / Weekly Tidbits

Hey there Everyone! It's that time of the week
again! Check out some of the Tid-bits
pulled from our clan's Discord; includes
pets, rarest drops, capes and other quirky
rare uniques! PM a staff member to gain
access to our Discord :)

Misc Achievements:
Jagged's first ever Infernal Cape/Zuk Kill!

Hi im Gin's MAX CAPE! (you'll see a lot more of him later)

Master Nilla's Dragon knives & Dragon harpoon!

Illeagal's Curved bone!

Inf Slayer's Jar of Dirt!

INIM's Jar of Souls!

still late's Champion Scroll!

RocLa's Smouldering Stone!

Goose's Elder Maul!

ClueWizard's Kodai Insignia & Hydra's Claw!

itzbandit rs' Hydra's Claw!

c-ross93's Imbued Heart!

H alo's Skeletal Visage!

calverthb's Spectral Sigil & Dragon Thrownaxes!

Mr Bodell / Fairburn's 99 Firemaking!

Espeony's 99 Magic!

300SXD's 99 Runecrafting!

calverthb's 99 Ranged!

Iberserk's 99 Crafting!

Master Nilla's 99 Strength!

xGanjag0blin's 99 Farming & 99 Defence!

Farm Loot's 99 Farming & 99 Hunter!

Sly Phaze's 99 Farming!

Nightelf494's 99 Fletching & 99 Farming!

KoolGus8's 99 Farming!

Inf Aegis' 99 Agility!

Max Warrior's 99 Hitpoints!

Abyss Laps' 99 Herblore!

Brews Please's 99 Hitpoints!

Inf Sign's' 99 Strength!

Inf Mozzy / Roscos' 99 Fishing!

Hi im Gin's 99 Mining, 99 Woodcutting, 99 Fishing, 99 Smithing, 99 Fletching, 99 Firemaking, 99 Magic and 99 Herblore!

Schnitzl's Farming Pet!

Inf Claire's Farming Pet!

Inf Bair's Pet Chaos Elemental & Pet Kraken!

Hybrid Mech's Mole Pet & Chinchompa Pet!

Lullabiee / Inf Rengar's Zulrah Pet!

Webbz' Zulrah Pet & RC Pet!

Illeagal's KQ Pet & Hydra Pet!

V A N S' Phoenix Pet!

Bellerin's Pet Chaos Elemental!

INIM's Farming Pet!

Inf Aegis' Agility Pet!

Blakeypoo's Hydra Pet!

Inf Gaz' Agility Pet!

Madara's Skotos Pet!

Inf Divine's Mining Pet!

Congrats to all of you! Keep
logging your achievements within our
#Runescape-pics Discord Channel and maybe you'll
see your achievements next time!

Didn't see your pic? PM A GOLD!



Inf Claire
Congrations my crustaceans
Gratz guys!
Damn im pro
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