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Augusts' Variety of Achievements <3 ~ Weekly Tidbits V87/88/89

Bongbubbles / Aug 19, 2019 / Weekly Tidbits

Hey there Everyone! It's that time of the week
again! Check out some of the Tid-bits
pulled from our clan's Discord; includes
pets, rarest drops, capes and other quirky
rare uniques! PM a staff member to gain
access to our Discord :)

Other Achievements:
Jt the Chefs' Infernal cape!


Jeltes' Imbued heart, Smouldering stone & D chain!

itzbandit rs' Pharahos screptre & Dragon warhammer!

Iron Yuukis' Magma mutagen!

PrenkSinatras' Ranger boots!

Arisiannas' Hydra's claw!

Jagg3ds' Elder maul!

Bongbubbles' Dragon Sword!

5w4gn3m1t43s' Abyssal dagger!

Leinenkugels' 99 Smithing!

Changmangs' 99 Mining!

Inf Skaters' 99 Con & MAX!

Inf Ciders' 99 Fletching!

Dark Totems' 99 Mining!

Dame Greys' 99 Farming!

Lil Frazzs' 99 Con!

Arisiannas' 99 Farming!

4keds' 99 runecrafting!

King Rukens' 99 Ranged!

King Rengos' 126 Combat/99 Def!

WILKINS' 99 Def!

calverthb's 99 Slayer!

DrinkingSolos' Thieving pet!

MrNice98s' Zulrah pet!

C-ross93s' Hydra pet!

The Apinas' Chaos Ele pet!

5w4gn3m1t43s' RC pet!

King Rukens' Rex pet!

Ironbandits' Zulrah pet!

Ounce o louds' Arma pet!

Don Primos' Chaos Ele pet!

Changman's' Agility pet!

Congrats to all of you! Keep
logging your achievements within our
#Runescape-pics Discord Channel and maybe you'll
see your achievements next time!

Didn't see your pic? PM A GOLD!



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