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About us

Our clan was spawned from 'GP PC' clanchat channel.
Their goal was to swap RS3 / 07 GP. They also had a script that
would allow you to price check items in-game, within chat.
(A time before Osbuddy had this itself)

One of the two owners of this clan were caught in a scam and his partner
refused to believe it. Mind you, a group of us fought for this clan!
We believed they weren't scammers and when the owner
refused to believe the undeniable proof we had been shown, we left.

We just wanted a wholesome chat. Therefore,
a new community clan emerged.. starting off with 20 members.. "PC420" !
After some disputes this clan underwent a name change to "GP420".

Not too long after our new name change, our clan account was stolen
from us and wiped of all members / info and was never able to be retrieved.
Thus brought us to... "420osrs" !

After long consideration, we decided to change our name,
willingly. Our chat is a community chat and we would like that
to be known more than anything we have to offer.