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About us

Our clans funds come from our ranks
and members of our community.
Donations are ALWAYS welcomed.
These donations are reused for supplied
clan events, drop parties & more. Some of
our donations may go towards helping a
long-term member with Bonds or light supplies.

* All cash donations are converted into Plat Tokens.

Forum donations: All forum donations
are used for the monthly expenditures.
This includes: Domain&Host
Plus protections & More.

Unlike most clans, our events are for FUN. There is NO competition.
There is no win or lose. ALL of our SCHEDULED events are for FUN.
We encourage each other and compliment on our accomplishments.

* You are deactivated on the offsite when you are Missing or not apart of our clan.
* Our chat is preferably 18 years of age and older.
(With exceptions of maturity)